Are you in need of an energetic, uplifting, purposeful speaker for your event?
Maybe you need a funny, innovative comedian to lift the energy at your party?
Perhaps you are looking for someone with the know-how and creativity, to come into your home or business environment, and teach an Improv Comedy Workshop?
Kelley Lynn has been teaching classes in improvisation, comedy, and writing for over 2 decades, as well as performing stand-up and giving unique humorous and meaningful presentations all over the country.
Some of the themed-talks Kelley has presented include:
  • Laughing Through Loss: Finding the Funny Inside the Pain
  • So They Died: Now What? Picking Up the Pieces of Your Life, When the Life You Knew Is Gone
  • The Shame of Sadness: When the World Won’t Let You Cry
For speaking events, topics can range and / or be adjusted according to the event. The above presentations, as well as others, can be tailored to your events needs, and can be done as Powerpoint presentations, or straight talks. A typical presentation is normally about 60-75 minutes, but this can also be adjusted.
If you are interested in booking Kelley for an upcoming event or show, please fill out the below form so we may gather more information. Thank you.
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Connect With Kelley

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