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“They Like Me! They Really Like Me!” (Testimonials)

“Kelley Lynn is a great teacher of comedy. She understands it from the inside out. She has a broad knowledge and great respect for its roots and history, and that is what is missing in much of today’s comedy. Having the kind of foundation that Kelley brings to her students is what makes the difference between a wise-cracker, and a comedian. Kelley has the heart and soul of a great comic, and she is fearless. One would be very lucky to have her as a teacher, either privately, or in a group course situation.” -Elayne Boosler, Comedian


“Kelley has performed in a bunch of my shows, and has been holding her student’s Stand-Up Comedy Shows at Gotham Comedy Club for years now. I love watching her set because she is always a blast of energy with great, twisted material. She is a rare talent, and I have no doubt she will soon be a STAR!” -Jessica Kirson, Comedian


“Kelley initially auditioned for us for a role in a Disney feature film. I immediately called her back in the following day to read for the director. Kelley’s imaginative interpretation of the character along with her uproarious delivery set her audition apart from the rest. Much later on, I called her in to read for a principle role in an episode of ‘Louie.’ I look forward to having her back in very soon.” -Meghan Rafferty, Ellen Lewis Casting


“Wonderfully snarky and witty!” – Tom Bergeron, on Kelley’s comedic reviews of “Dancing With the Stars.”


“Kelley is a rock solid performer and teacher, not to mention a true professional both on and off the set. I never hesitate to bring her in for any role she may be right for.” -Matt Nowosielski, Producer, Loosely Translated Productions


“Very talented and funny actress! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelley Lynn many times over the years, and she always brought a lot of talent, a lot of ideas, and a lot of fun to every rehearsal and show. Her energy demands any room, and her comedy makes you feel like you are her new best friend! An audience favorite with a bunch of very unique, original characters!” -Bobby Holder, Founder and Artistic Director, The Actors Project NYC


“Doing this show was about the most fun I’ve ever had.  Everyone loved the microbiology joke and I made sure to let them know the source. Your advice about my set was spot-on. Moving away from attacking the “Down’s neighbor”, and instead, making the joke more about ME and making me the target, made it that much funnier. Your comments were really inspiring. Doing this show and taking this course is something I’ll always be grateful for.  Anyway, enough sucking up. Thanks again.” -Tim McAleer, former Stand-Up student


“What an adventure this was. Thank you so much for working with me individually, so often, on my material and writing. I never would have thought that I would have been able to do what I did on stage in that show. All of that came from your help, and I owe you so much for giving me the confidence to get up there. I also admire everything you have done, especially after all that you have been through with losing your husband. The night of the show was some of the most fun I have had in a very long time, and this stand-up course was the most fun course I have ever taken. Thank you.” -Craig Matteo, former Stand-Up student


“You never cease to amaze me at how you manage to turn the negatives into positives. How you can take the dumb things that people say and turn it into a comedy routine. How you turn your very personal counseling sessions into ‘sessions’ for all of us. Though you are hurting deeply, you’re sharing and helping so many people to smile again, even if it’s for little snippets of time. You inspire so many of us to carry on with our lives and to find purpose again. Please believe me when I say you have been a very special gift to so many. I can’t wait until this book is published as it will help many more. I know I’ve told you this several times, but thank you again. ” -Verona Foster


“Kelley, what a beautiful person you are. We met at Camp Widow West last summer. With your comedic presentation, you made me laugh. You made me cry. You made me feel. What you did for me, I could never tell you or give back. I was in the deepest, saddest place in my life. Your words completely turned me around. You were able to say the things that so many of us don’t dare. I could barely pick up the puddle of myself – and then – you. I wanted to write you and let you know what a huge difference you have made in my life. There isnt anything I can say, except – thank you. ” -Laura S.


“I think I love you. Your brutal honesty is refreshing, and you say so many things that I am thinking. For the first time in 18 months I can really see that I am not alone in my pain. Thank you for your writing; which is brilliant, funny, and brutally real. Well done, my friend. ” -Gini L.


“My wife died suddenly 5 months ago today, and for 5 months, I have sat like a hermit in our apartment, letting the darkness overtake me. One night, I decided to google blogs by widowed people, and I found you. The first thing I clicked on was a post called “I Miss His Farts.” Two minutes later I was laughing so hard, I almost scared myself. I had forgotten that I knew how to laugh, and there I was, laughing. Then I read a post you wrote about how people dont get it and they say move on, get over it, stop being sad. I found myself in the fetal position, sobbing my face off for an hour, just like you described doing on those post-office steps. For 5 months, I hadnt let out my emotions. Reading your words gave me the push and permission I needed to let it all out. Everything else I have read that is grief-related is always a bunch of bullshit. Nobody tells the truth. You tell the truth. Ill be reading for a long time.” -Frank Moreno.

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