My book tells the story of me and my husband’s short time together, and the story of my “after” years – figuring out my life in a world without him physically in it. The book’s title is “My Husband Is Not a Rainbow: The Brutally Awful, Hilarious Truth About Life, Love, Grief, and Loss”, and I am recently moved back to my home state of Massachusetts, so that I could stay with my parents indefinitely, without the worries of bills or rent, and focus on writing the book.

Currently, the book is in the writing and beginning editing stages, and my hopeful goal for self-publishing and completion is a late 2017 release.  If you would like to pre-order your hard-cover book copy through me, a $30 donation will get you an autographed copy, shipped directly to you, soon after the book is finished. In addition, anyone who donates any amount toward the self-publishing of the book and promotional book outings that will follow, will receive 3 loved ones names listed on my “We Remember” Memorial Page, and 3 pet loved ones names in the special “We Remember Our Pets” pages. If  this interests you, please send me an email at  to tell me the names of your loved ones that you would like listed in the book, or write a note/comment in with your PayPal contribution. Thank you so much for your generosity.




For those that know the story, my husband Don Shepherd was referred to as a rainbow by a co-worker of his, about a week after he died. This woman insisted that she saw a rainbow on her drive to Don’s funeral, and that rainbow WAS Don. I found this hilarious, and spun it into comedy magic, telling the story as part of my stand-up act, my one-act play, and now, the title of my upcoming book. It seems that since my husband’s sudden death, I never see rainbows anywhere. But everyone else on earth does – and they send them to me – informing me of my husband’s current whereabouts. Here are some of cool places Don has visited as a dead guy rainbow. If you should spot my husband in rainbow form and would like your picture added to the slideshow of awesome-ness, please email me the picture at Make sure to include your full name, and where exactly you spotted the rainbow (city, state, etc.) Thank you.



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