writing in the page - network classDo you need help writing something important? Are you having trouble formulating your words and thoughts, or trying to shape your piece so that it has the appropriate voice and tone? I can help. As a performer, writer, inspirational speaker, and teacher of over two decades, I have the natural ability and know-how, to get your writing piece on track and focused. I can assist you and guide you in writing anything from a stand-up comedy set, to a Best Man Speech, to a Eulogy or other meaningful / emotional speech, to a sketch comedy piece, or even a screenplay or book. Sessions are hourly, and can be purchased one at a time or as part of an overall package. Discount costs apply if you book 3 or more sessions at once as part of a package. For locals in the Massachusetts area, we have the option of using a small studio/coffee shop space, our apartments, or phone / Skype. Phone and Skype sessions are also available to anyone not local.

Each session includes email exchanges of your writing piece, in addition to our actual time together. If you can send me whatever you are working on before we meet so I can come to our session prepared to discuss it and give immediate suggestions for framework, that would be helpful. After our session, I will then go back to your piece and make edits and revisions for you. If it is an ongoing project such as a one-man show or play or book, we will continue ongoing sessions for as long as you see fit.

“Kelley gives great advice and feedback I never would have received by going to a regular open mic… where a good reaction, if you’re lucky, is a single bearded comic who donates a chuckle under his breath. I’ve had her coaching right before a show and killed it the next day with nearly all brand new material due to her notes and adjustments that helped me to be on point! I highly recommend getting coached by Kelley because she helps you mix who you are, “your comedic voice”, and to authentically bring the funny!” – Laneya Wiles, actor / comedian


One-hour session: $40

3 one-hour sessions: (to be broken up how you like, once per week or month, etc) $100

5 one-hour sessions: $180

All writing coaching sessions can be paid for by cash, in person, or via Paypal, at Kelleylynn926@yahoo.com

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